One of the most distinctive architectural landmarks in Debrecen is the classicist Town Hall whose history dates back to 1531, when it used to serve in an earlier form as the home for the leaders of the city. The building was changed and modified for centuries until in 1802 it got into the hands of Péchy Mihály, who completed his first series of plans, yet there could not be enough money collected to cover the realization
The same fate fell upon Povolny Ferenc, too, whose plans were re-designed by chamber engineer Ságody József and finally accepted. The keys to the imposing building, complete with tympana and arcades, were received by the city in 1843. Apart from the most important public affairs, this building was also home to Kossuth Lajos and his family in 1849, but the office of Honvédelmi Bizottmány [Home Defense Committee] was also located here. One of the related historical trivia is that the Hungarian crown used to be kept in its “secret archives” way back when.