Sole massage or reflexology is an ancient cure, the principle is that all organs inside the body are connected to each other through the energy channels. The massage effects the organs through these points. In the five star Hotel Divinus***** the sole massage is based on the connection of all organs with the different parts of the sole. By massaging the different points the organs can be stimulated or soothed directly. By stimulating the proper zones the hyperaemia of the assigned organ increases, the metabolism and the lymphatic improves and the self healing powers of the body is activated. It can be observed from the condition of the sole what problems the different organs have. If the reflex zone is sensitive or aching and we recognise subsidence it means that the correspondent organ dysfunctions or is already sick.

Massaging the sole is perfect for prevention, refreshment or regeneration.

Its main goal is to provide well being, the refreshment of the body, the relaxation of mind to provide healty vital functions.

Sole massage is available in the wellness centre of Hotel Divinus.

Treatment time:
Full treatment: 50 minutes 7 900 HUF.
Partial treatment: 30 minutes 4 100 HUF.