Through its pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects, it establishes the conditions for bodily movements of various intensity and directions. By enhancing blood circulation, it elevates the flexibility of your skin and the blood supply of your muscles to an optimal level. It has a favorable effect on the respiratory center in the brain and the vegetative nervous system.

Its effectiveness can be felt right after the treatment since it increases the excretion and speeds up the digestion and relaxes the nerves during the massage.

Thanks to the techniques of the Swedish massage the rejuvenation of the epithelial is activated which keeps the skin firm.

It soothes the stiffness of muscles, increases the stamina and besides its numerous beneficial impacts it provides a relaxing experience.

The various massages offered by the five star Hotel Divinus are all for easing the negative impacts of the modern, stressful life.

Treatment time:
Full treatment: 55 minutes 7 500 HUF.
Partial treatment: 30 minutes 3 900 HUF.