Hotel Divinus***** opened for the public on the 1st August 2008 and started its special program on the first anniversary of the opening for regular guests of the hotel.

We do hope that most guests who have already visited us found the time spent in our hotel pleasant and would consider comming back to us so that we could welcome them among our regular guests.

We created this program in favour of our regular guests with 5 different levels.

The discount can be used by our registered guests and their partners only. In case you reach a certain amount of room nights or consumption the reception will automaticly get you to the next level of discount. This discount cannot be handed over!

Who can be a member of the Divinus Regular customer program?

Anyone can who settles the account individually.

How can I be a member?
You need to fill out a membership form at the reception.

Do I have to pay any kind of fee?

No, the membership is free of charge.

What is the benefit of this program?

As a Divinus regular customer program member you are entitled to get discount from your expenses, plus within your stay we try to pemper our guests with small surprises.

We inform all of our members about the actual offers or programs in the city each month.

When am I entitled to get discount?

In case your expenses spent in the hotel reach the 1st category.

How does the hotel register the collected pints?

The front office system of the hotel registers all expenses regarding your bill. We can give you information about this amount anytime you wish to. We register your points within a 36 month interval that means that we determine your discount rate according to your consumption in the past 36 months.

For further information please contact the reception or the sales department!