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Sauna seance with, beer, honey, ice, champagne, yoghurt-poppy seed or chocolate:

Sauna seance is a relaxing program which takes nearly 75 minutes. During the program the guest spends 3 times 15 minutes inside the sauna. Its a real exercise for the veins which trains the lungs as well and also releases endorphin. Between the 15 minutes sessions 10 breaks should be kept which is coordinated by the Spa manager. During the break the lost amount of liquid is implemented with fresh fruits.

The price of the seance is 1 500 HUF / person.

Sauna seance is available every Saturday from 2 to 3 pm in the hotel’s Wellness centre!

Tickets are accessible till 4 pm every Friday. The seance need pre-registration on the following number: 52/510-951! The participation of minimum 4 people is required.