Debrecen’s Főnix Hall is the second largest sports hall with a seating capacity of as many as 8500 people. It was built on the pattern of a hall located in Tallin, Estonia.

The arena proper is surrounded by extendable telescope-joint stands (with diagonally turned-in mobile bleachers in the corners). During concerts, the stage actually replaces the stand at the far end of the hall and the entire arena floor is available for the spectators to occupy. Főnix Hall is connected to the adjacent Hódos Imre Sports Hall through an underground passageway so that the facilities of the latter could also be used during certain larger events.

While the ground floor level has only mobile telescopic rows of seats, the first and second floors are equipped only with fixed stands. On the second floor, there is also a restaurant, while the third floor accommodates the VIP stands, a restaurant, and 30 sky boxes that can be rented for the entire year.