The hotel has four event rooms among which one is a conference room, three are breakout rooms and there is a 200 m2 exhibition area. The event rooms were designed according to 21st century techical requirements.

Elegance and glamour. Wedding and event management. A day which is about the couple. Hotel Divinus***** helps the couples in every bits and pieces of the organisation from the moment of the engagement.An ideal place for wedding dinners and receptions. The couples can chose from different type of custom made lunch and dinner offers. The 200 + 200 m2 event area is available for receptions, gala dinners, banquets with different displays.Besides choosing the right sort of arrangement, the event management team also helps the guests in choosing the apropriate table display, room decoration, music band, wedding dress, wedding gift as well as organising a ceremony in the hotel, car or bus rental  and of course providing suites for the married couple.