The first botanical garden was established on the basis of the work of Diószegi Sámuel and Fazekas Mihály, the authors of the notable Magyar Füvészkönyv [Hungarian Book of Herbs]. It used to belong under the auspices of Reformed Protestant College and it served the purposes of the instruction in natural sciences.
After the Great War, it fell into disrepair, and then it was moved to the district called Nagyerdő [Big Forest], where an area of 17 hectares (170 thousand square meters) was allocated to it.
In addition to a systematic rearrangement of the plants and the entire exhibition area, rockeries and a water-pipe system were added to allow for an increase in the number of plant species on display, and the first hothouse and a fishpond with a bottom made of concrete were built.
The objective of the present Botanical Garden has remained the same as in the beginning: to provide the means required for education, research, and the popularization of science. In this respect, it is the proper heir to the heritage of natural sciences associated with the city of Debrecen.